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Arduino Mood Lamp Shield

I recently decided to make a little shield for a RGB mood lamp. I already had the parts lying around so i started.

Arduino compatible board
1 Bare PCB
5 PIN headers
4 Small wires
1 Power plug
1 ULN2004A Darlington Array
1 8 pin Sockets Solder Tail
3 Resistors – 4.4 Ohm/4.4 Ohm/8.2 Ohm
1 5V wall adapter – Minimum 1A

As you probable can see, there are some additional resistors on the PCB. Thats because I hadn’t the necessary resistors. So i putted 2 x 2.2Ohm resistors in series to make up for the 4.4 Ohm resistor, and I putted a 10Ohm and a 47 Ohm resistor in parallel to make up for the 8.2 Ohm resistor.

I made a schematic so you can see how the wiring goes on

I found some source code from other cool RGB projects, and i decided to post them here:
Candle Light Effect
On/Off RGB

Happy Building…

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